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James Nixon used to be known as an Anonymous Airbus A380 Captain, because his employment contract precluded writing books whilst working for the airline. Now he has retired, after flying for thirty-one years, longer than most of his cabin crew have been on the planet; and many of his First Officers.

He has retired to Melbourne, Australia after working in the Middle East, where he was flying Airbuses with the same carrier for over ten years. Previously, he was flying a VIP Airbus for a Saudi Sheikh, and before that flying in Vietnam, England, Malta and Australia.

As well as all the Airbus A320, A330, A340 and A380, he has flown the Boeing 727, Saab340 and Metroliner; as well the usual squadron of general aviation aircraft.

This is his third book.

He has since written a fourth book,
THE CRASH OF MH370 which is available HERE; and can be contacted through his publisher CrammondMedia HERE. James writes books, is a public speaker and guest lecturer at a University. He is also a podcaster, developing The Nixon Tapes Podcast. He works with the media on aviation issues.

As well as writing, his other great love is photography, which can be seen on

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